Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Famous Words of Hailey and Sam

I thought I'd post some of the creative words my kids have come up with. I know, I should correct them since they are both in school now, but I just can't...the way they speak is priceless...

Terrarukus = Dinosaur (Hailey)
Poothtaste = Toothpaste (Sam)
Rhinosaucenous = Rhino (Sam)
Malofant = Elephant (Sam)
Mooer Lawner = Lawn Mower (Hailey)
Dat cause = That's because (Hailey)
Prenember = Remember (Sam)
Wanamalon = Watermelon (Sam)
Phlumb = Thumb (Hailey)
Po nelish = Nail Polish (Hailey)
Constructions = Instructions (Sam)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Old Maids & Dinnertime Poops

So...for all of you that have asked me to blog more...here are a few of the reasons that I love my life, my kids and have found that laughter is the BEST medicine!

**There we are, in my kitchen the other night, doing the usual...homework and making dinner. Sam is playing with Tessie when she decides she needs to pooh. Being the good dog that she is, she goes to her "potty mat" and goes pooh...a good sized one at that...and it smells up the whole kitchen. It was so bad...the Sam gagged (or "gaggled" as he would say) and threw up, right there on the floor. I couldn't help but die laughing.

**Yet another "Dinnertime Pooh Story"...last night I was making dinner and the kids were out of control hyper, so I asked them to go downstairs to play. Hailey came running up to use the bathroom and was in there for a few minutes before Sam goes blowing through the door with Tessie's tennis ball. As all little brothers do, they like to bug their sisters...right? As Hailey gets up to wipe her "poopy bum", Sam decides it's a good idea to throw the tennis ball against the wall. It lands in the pooh water...he grabs it out and drops it on the floor, Hailey is standing there with her tights around her ankles, her dress held up as she tries to wipe and Sam has this horrified look on his face. I go in there to see what all the commotion is. Sam is quick to say "I'm sorry, Mommy"...I calmly clean up the mess and walk out...he askes me..."Mom...why aren't you mad?" I just couldn't be mad at the whole situation...it was priceless...again...I left in tears of laughter. What a blessing being a "mommy" is!

**My brother got married in March, and Hailey was one of the little "Flower Girls". I was getting her ready, putting her black tights on with her black and white dress (which was so dang cute) when she blurts out "Mom, I look like one of those ladies that comes to clean your house...you know?" and after a few moments of silence, she says "A maid, momma, a maid...that's what I look like!!" How in the world did she come up with that?? LOL!

**Tessie was laying down this morning, chewing on her bone and her legs and tail are all flat out on the floor (her tail is usually curled up) when Sam comes running into the bathroom asking me to come see her. He has the most concerned look on his face. I go in and say "oh how cute, buddy" (not knowing what he's so upset about) when he interrupts me and says "Momma, her tail power is broken". He was so sad because he thought her tail was broken since it didn't curl up!! :)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Two Bums Think Alike...

Since my life has taken it's own crazy busy course, and doesn't allow me time to keep a journal, I've decided to join the wonderful world of blogging. My mind is full of random, yet hilarious stories about the magical way children think and the hilarious things they do. This is the perfect place to share my life with the people I cherish the most...my family and friends. Welcome to my Three Ring Circus!!

So...the lastest event in the Malin household was one illustrating how a 4 and 5 year old mind's work. All of us were upstairs and I was running a bath for the kids. Sam, naked as can be, is on the toilet "trying to go poopy" when Hailey decides that she is about to "pee her pants" (even though she is naked too). I quickly tell Hailey to go to the bathroom downstairs, when she yelps out a loud "no, Mommy....I'm too scared". I roll my eyes and turn back around towards the tub...only to hear Hailey say "Sam, scoot over and turn your bum towards the wall". I turn around only to find 2 naked bums sitting on the same toilet...one trying to pooh...one going pee. I keep asking myself why I don't have a video camera rolling at all times??